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PLATTE – Peak Crop Performance™ | 308-882-3228

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”

John wayne

Season in, season out, there’s nothing quite like farming in this part of the country to try a person’s soul.  Planning, planting, feeding, growing, protecting…then HARVEST

At every turn, a different battle: Make the most of the nitrogen, protect the seed, get a uniform stand, control weeds, avoid drift, conserve moisture,  feed the growing plant, — and boost yield at every turn.

It’s our mission to saddle up and ride with you all season long. And PLATTE – Peak Crop Performance is the next step in our quest to provide you with the high-quality crop inputscritical throughout your entire season – every pass through the field – at a price that helps you overcome every obstacle and win every battle, every year.

You may have only 40-some seasons to get the whole thing right. It’s our desire to help you pick your fights, plan for victory and fully support you with the crop inputs you need to squeeze out the best return on investment you can: out of every seed, every dollar, on every acre.

We want to help you win the battle for greater profitability. We do it with our proven winners – bold new brands specially formulated for the harsh conditions and all-season challenges you face with every crop. 

Isn’t it time you rode out and seized the advantage?  

We can help.