FVC Pine Bluffs

100 North Main
Pine Bluff, Wyoming 82082
Pine Bluffs is a very unique location including a diverse use of Precision Ag Technologies utilized by the growers. From the large differences in pH values to the nutrient deficiencies, we have the ability to utilize grid soil sampling to evaluate and correct the issues within the fertility aspect of the ground. Our location grows a variety of crops including: Corn, wheat, edible beans, soybeans, sugar beets, milo, millet, and alfalfa/grass hay. The yields are set slightly above average due to the practices we are utilizing to increase the fertility of our soil to achieve the highest yield potential we can. We have a variety of people associated with different tasks in order to attain the highest efficiency to serve your operation including a CCA, FAA drone pilot certification, multiple Ag Sciences/Animal Sciences/Crop Sciences degrees and a Precision Ag Technology specialist to help evaluate every aspect of your operation to make the smartest and most economical decisions.